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Welcome to the home of Wood Gasification Furnace, the place where we create unique and outstanding fireplaces to not only bring warmth into the home but also give you a sleek stylish fireplace that will add value to your property.

There are many types of fire places you can get installed into your home and there are a few things you might want to consider when doing so, but firstly here are the main fireplaces you can choose:


  • Wood burning / Wood heaters – there are several different styles to choose from if you are looking for a wood burning fireplace, they can either be inserted into a wall, free standing as a unit or for large rooms it can be double sided and placed in a center wall. They can be designed with an open face or enclosed by a door, either way they are both great at emitting heat and creating a strong natural ambience. Despite what you might think wood burning heaters are one of the most eco-friendly ways of heating your house. If you use a reputable company to source your firewood or if you have some unwanted trees in your garden you can get them removed and it’s a free source of fire wood, however make sure you use a trustworthy tree lopping Perth based business.
  • Gas fireplaces – firstly all gas fire places have different methods of fuelling thus they have a different way of being installed. It is always best to get a technician in first to look at your room to best establish what type, style and gas to use first. Having a gas fireplace installed is not only going to heat your home but it will also add a lot value to your property. Open gas fires create a more homely feel but if you are looking for heating purposes over aesthetics then you may want to choose a closed gas fire place. Either way we have the design team to create your perfect fire place and the installers to get it installed efficiently.


The other, but less used, type is an electric heater / fireplace. The convenience of instant heat is great and the advantage of not having a flue gives flexibility when it comes to design and installation. Foundations can be made with concrete, concrete pavers or even stone paving. Never be afraid to use a skilled tradesmen or even the finest stonemason Perth has to offer if it comes to it.  The use of semi or frameless glass balustrades is ideal for both fashion and safety purposes.

To view the full range of fireplaces visit our categories page or if you are feeling a bit more adventurous let us know what you are looking for and we will come up with some concepts for you. To enquire go to our contact us page and fill out the form.

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What a great investment. No longer do I have to drag my wood into the basement. No more running up and down the steps to load a wood furnace 4 times a day. No more smoke in the house. No more house that seems either too hot or cold. My new wood furnace sits out beside my wood shed which eliminates handling the wood as often, plus I do not need to cut my pieces of wood as small anymore since I can take up to a 4 foot piece. I load the stove in the morning on the way to work, and in the evening after dinner.


All installation and operation must follow Federal, Provincial, State and local codes. Do not consider outdoor wood furnaces other than smokeless models for built up urban areas. Do Not Operate under Pressure. All electrical and plumbing should be done by qualified personnel and conform to national and local building, electrical and plumbing codes. Manufacturer is not liable for damages to personal property for misuse, improper installation of equipment or for knowing local installation codes. Owner assumes all responsibility for this.