Barrett Enterprises Inc. was established in May 2002 by Callie Barrett. Prior to that she was a dental hygienist for 20 years so she figured that qualified her to be a CEO! Born and brought up in Vermont, raised in Maine, a yankee hard work “can do” attitude along with multiple disabilities and a need to support herself and her daughter that made her decide that she had everything to gain. She wanted to focus on quality products, brought factory direct to the consumer as she couldn’t warehouse them and it didn’t make sense to her to pay to have items shipped to her, for her to store them and then reship them to customers. She did a lot of research to find the best manufacturers of leading industry products that have the same factory direct philosophy that she does. Provide the highest quality green products available. We believe we provide a better service to the customer, keep the cost down and lessen our carbon footprint!

We have diversitified and grown since 2002,we still sell Green Insulation Products which include the finest radiant barriers and reflective foil insulation. Our MicroFoil is the superior Radiant floor insulation, MicroVent for vinyl siding, Igloo for barns, The Barrier for concrete insulation, Pallet Insulated Blankets for shipping. MicroSkirting for Modular homes and our new Micro LT is fantastic for reflecting summer heat. We also carry Flexsul-seal insulated water line for outdoor wood furnaces, Insul-seal insulated conduit piping for hot/cold water lines such as solar,chilled, water lines, sewer lines. We carry a full line of heat exchangers, tube and shell, flat plate, pumps, WebStone isolator valves, SharkBite fittings, and water treatment for outdoor wood furnaces. In our effort to remain a green company we are also carrying Shaver gasification wood furnaces. These furnaces will reduce emissions while burning less wood they are our GREEN FURNACES great for VERMONT, Maine and any residential areas.

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