Radiant Insulation

IF you are going to put down a solid pad foundation for your Wood Gasification Furnace to set on then make sure you use a layer of the Barrier, under concrete insulation. The Barrier™ is the World’s finest concrete and radiant under slab insulation by providing vapor and moisture barrier protection in combination with insulation from conduction. It is also excellent to use in the trench with the Flexsul-seal insulated pipe. You can read more about it atwww.GreenInsulationProducts.com

Many people who are building are choosing to use the OWHH, the Green Furnace to act as the central heating system with an efficient hot water heater as the backup. Utilizing radiant heating in the slab with the Barrier underneath provides the excellent foundation upon which to start the process. MicroFoil Reflective Foil insulation is the optimum choice for reflecting the heat transported through the radiant tubing. It contains no dangerous fibers to breath, is easy to install and can be found on www.GreenInsulationProducts.com

If you choose to build a shed or metal building to store wood in, it is advisable to insulate under the metal roof with MicroLt. Radiant Barrier insulation products can be found atwww.barrett-inc.com

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