The Top Nine Reasons

The Top Nine Reasons

Green Furnace – Environmentally Friendly Wood Gasification Boiler. Burns so efficient and clean that it uses much less wood with less emissions.

EPA White tag Qualified, – Meets Strict Air Standards of ME,VT,NH,MA,PA,IN,MD and RI

Heaviest – Made out of � inch boilerplate metal. Boilerplate has been proven and used of 150 years in old locomotives and is the choice for all commercial boilers hence its name. Boilerplate does not warp, crack or change shape, it is the material to make boilers out of.

Warranty – Shaver comes with a 20 year warranty. One of the longest in the industry.

Complete Combustion – Little Ash left to clean out. Easy clean out of ash drawers in the front of furnace.

Long Burn Time – Burn times range 18-24 hours ( sometimes even more ) for homes up to 6000 sq ft.

No Cresote – No chance of chimney fires even if adding additional chimney. All the mess, dirt, allergens are outside that are associated with wood burning.

Renewable Resource – Burning Wood is healthy for the environment. Choosing the cleanest burning furnace is our obligation to our grandchildren. We can heat our homes, our businesses, domestic hot water and still be smart with a Wood Gasification Furnace from Barrett Enterprises.

Shipping – We ship factory direct. We can provide you with all installation parts needed to install your furnace. Barrett Enterprises has been involved with outdoor wood furnaces for years and we will be here for you. Some companies crop up and then you never see them again. We are a family owned company and we intend our grandchildren to inherit the business.

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