Wood Treatment and Termite control

Termites are a type of pests, which are similar to ants or wasps and live in colonies. Of the different kinds of household pests that homeowners are troubled with, termites prove to be the most troublesome.


Also known as white ants, termites feed on dead plant remains, typically wood that is used in furniture. They can also prove to cause significant damage to other materials including books and paper and even the insulation linings in a house.

Termites can cause damage in the order of billions of dollars every year. Termites can infest a building at any point of time and prove to swarm around and spread their colonies every spring.

Termites are considered to be the most serious and difficult of pests to treat. It is highly recommended that professional services be hired for effective termite treatment.


Expert termite control advice

While understanding termites and termite management systems can prove to be a really confusing task, expert termite control advice can be availed of by users, thanks to special termite pest control services.

Termites prove to be one of the most difficult pests to get rid of and as such, a number of control methods and procedures need to be followed in order to get rid of termites. The following are some of the termite control methods that may be used by professional pest control services in order to address an infestation:

  • Chlordane: The use of the insecticide Chlordane is known to be effective against termites. However the chemical may cause damage to human health. As such, this method should only be offered by licensed professional agencies.
  • IR cameras: IR cameras can be used to detect moisture sensitive areas, as well as heat maps given off by termites. This non-invasive technique can be used for termite inspection so as to effectively locate colonies for extermination.
  • Microwaves: Once the location of a termite colony has been determined, microwaves may be used to kill the pests.
  • Poison: Other than the use of Chlordane, many other chemicals and poisons are also effective in controlling termites. Again, these should only be performed by licensed professionals.
  • Bait: Bait which has been laced with insecticides can also be used to kill termites. Once the colony finds the bait, other members of the colony spread the supposedly viable food source, eventually leading to the death of the colony.
  • Physical barriers: Physical barriers such as making use of sand or a stainless steel mesh integrated into woodwork can also help prevent infestation. However, the practicality of this method is quite limited.

Of the many phone calls that a pest control agency receives, the most frequent problem to be addressed proves to be that of termite control. While there are some DIY methods of getting rid of termites, the task is not easy to accomplish and a considerable amount of skill and expertise is required to get the job done. As such, it is always recommended to make use of professional and licensed pest control agencies in order to effectively exterminate the pests. You can find more expert answers for homeowners here

Meta: Wood treatment and termite control is very important, will save furnace and home owners a lot of money. We hope this termite control prevention advice helps